At Luxury Pet Services, we know how much you love your furry friends. Whether you take advantage of our doggie daycare, dog boarding, or grooming services, our aim is the same: to ease your anxiety and give your pet unconditional love .

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Doggy Daycare

It’s been said all work and no play can make a dull dog. From the time our friends sniff their way through the door in the morning until they wag their weary, but satisfied tails out in the afternoon, Luxury Pets staff caters to their social nature by providing safe and fun interaction with other canines and our staff…

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We offer comfortable and spacious kennels for your pet’s comfort.  Your pets will also be exposed to plenty of human interaction, time outside of their rooms, and daycare services as long as they are compatible. We aim to please pets in a kind and compassionate environment.

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We have a variety of high-quality shampoos as well as medicated shampoo for dogs with varying skin conditions. We assess your dog’s coat and skin when choosing shampoo to assure they are feeling clean, comfortable, and stunning. Luxury Pets offers trained groomers with many years…

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