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Doggie Daycare

It’s been said all work and no play can make a dull dog. From the time our friends sniff their way through the door in the morning until they wag their weary, but satisfied tails out in the afternoon, Luxury Pets staff caters to their social nature by providing safe and fun interaction with other canines and our staff. We provide the type of socialization and energy-expending environment that sends our four-legged pals back home tired and happy. Our happy dogs are our best references.

Dogs become familiar with each other and our staff on a friendly level. Most bounce their way through our doors upon arrival to greet our staff and their friends with wagging tails. Our staff pays close attention to the dog’s personalities so that they can form compatible play groups most suited to size and energy levels. Our puppies and other very active dogs have plenty of space to run and romp, while our older or calmer dogs have lots of room and blankets to lie around and chill.

In the summer time, we offer a refreshing splash pad with fountains and mini pools for cooling off in the heat. We work hard to earn you and your pets trust so you’re completely comfortable leaving them with us. We want to be the place where your dog has fun and makes all the rules, kind of like grandma’s house, including that last cookie everyone gets from the office manager as they head home.


We offer comfortable and spacious kennels for your pet’s comfort.  Your pets will also be exposed to plenty of human interaction, time outside of their rooms, and daycare services as long as they are compatible. We aim to please pets in a kind and compassionate environment. We welcome you to bring anything you think might make your dog more comfortable, but we will provide anything your pet may need if you would not want to use your own belongings (bed, blankets, toys, bowls, food, treats, etc.). Our kennel areas are climate controlled to assure your pet is comfortable in any season. We will follow any instructions to try and keep your pet on its normal routine including feeding and medication administration at no extra cost.

Your pet’s room will be sanitized daily and tidied as needed to assure guests comfort and cleanliness. We have 5,000 square feet of outdoor play space as well as 5,000 square feet of indoor play space to make sure that your pet gets to stretch its legs as often as it would like.  Luxury Pets, where dogs have fun and make the rules.


We have a variety of high quality shampoos as well as medicated shampoo for dogs with varying skin conditions. We assess your dog’s coat and skin when choosing shampoo to assure they are feeling clean, comfortable, and stunning.

Luxury Pets offers trained groomers with many years of experience that can groom your dog to any specifications depending on breed and the state of their coat. They are skilled in many different grooming styles such as; breed specific cuts, hand scissoring, blade clipping, and de-shedding. We promise to provide a luxurious spa experience for your pet whether you’re needing a full shave down, a slight tidy, or just a bath.

Pricing varies on different levels of grooming/bathing necessary for your dog. Please contact us for a more accurate price and scheduling options.